Providing superior quality Scentinel® odorants to the United States natural gas and propane industries.

Ordering gas odorant package products should not be complicated. Gas Odorant Service & Supply, LP (GOSS), prides ourselves on unprecedented, dependable, prompt, and efficient customer service. Our slogan, "Odorizing Made Easy", assures your orders are handled with the care they deserve from start to finish.

When you order gas odorants through GOSS, you receive quality Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Scentinel® products that are backed by more than four decades of manufacturing experience. Scentinel® gas odorants are technical grade quality far exceeding commercial grade specifications. They are produced in Chevron Phillips Chemical’s modern facilities devoted exclusively to the production of high-quality hydrocarbons and sulfur chemicals.

Gas Odorant Service & Supply, along with Chevron Phillips Chemical Company has qualified people with over 50 years of experience giving technical assistance when it comes to your selection, use, safe handling, and application of natural gas and propane odorants.

There is NO shortage of quality Scentinel® gas odorants. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company and GOSS have made a commitment to make sure gas odorant are available to the gas industry at all times. If you have ever experienced a time when your supplier has run out of product then you know the importance of that commitment.

Gas Odorant Service & Supply puts your needs first. We have product in stock and readily available when you call. Our fast and friendly customer service strives to provide same day service and shipment.

Like we say, "Odorizing Made Easy!"

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